All TriLinc Borrowers

Below is an alphabetical list of all past and present TriLinc borrowers as of December 31, 2020.


Agricultural Products Exporter
Agricultural Supplies Distributor
Agriculture Distributor


Beef Exporter
Bread Manufacturer


Candle Distributor
Cement Distributor
Chia Seed Exporter
Citrus Producer
Clean Diesel Distributor
Clothing Retailer
Cocoa and Coffee Exporter
Cocoa Producer
Cocoa Trader
Cocoa Trader II
Cocoa Trader III
Cocoa Trader IV
Construction Materials Distributor
Consumer Goods Distributor
Consumer Lender
Consumer Lender II
Cotton Producer


Dairy Co-Operative
Diaper Manufacturer


Electronics Assembler
Electronics Retailer


Farm Supplies Distributor
Farm Supplies Wholesaler
Fertilizer Distributor
Fiber Optics Network Provider
Fish Processor and Exporter
FMCG Manufacturer
Food Processor
Freight and Cargo Transporter
Frozen Seafood Exporter
Fruit & Nut Distributor
Fruit Juice Processor


Grain Processor


Hospitality Service Provider


Industrial Materials Distributor
Infrastructure and Logistics Provider
Insulated Wire Manufacturer
Integrated Steel Producer
International Development Logistics Provider
International Tuna Exporter
IT Service Provider


LED Lighting Service Provider
LNG Infrastructure Developer


Machinery and Equipment Provider
Mall Operator
Marine Logistics Provider
Meat Processor
Metals Trader
Mine Remediation Company
Minor Metals Resource Trader
Mobile Network Operator
Mobile Phone Distributor


Non-Ferrous Metal Trader


Oilseed Distributor


Pharmaceuticals Distributor
Plastic Products Manufacturer
Power Producer
Property Developer


Railway Equipment Provider
Resource Trader
Rice and Bean Importer
Rice Importer
Rice Producer


Scrap Metal Recycler
Seafood Processing Company
Sesame Seed Exporter
Ship Maintenance & Repair Service Provider
Shrimp Exporter
SME Financier
Sugar Producer
Sustainable Packaging Manufacturer
Sustainable Timber Exporter


Tank Farm Operator
Textile Distributor
Timber Exporter
Tin Producer
Tuna Processor and Exporter


Vanilla Exporter
Vessel Operator


Waste Management Equipment Distributor
Waste-to-Fuels Processor
Wheel Manufacturer
Wholesale Distributor

Information provided displays all past and current investments across all TriLinc funds as of December 31, 2020 and does not include short term investments. Short term investments are defined by TriLinc as investments that generally meet the standard underwriting guidelines for trade finance and term loan transactions and that also have the following characteristics: (a) maturity of less than one year (b) loans to borrowers to whom, at the time of funding, TriLinc does not expect to re-lend. The highlighted investments may or may not have been profitable. This is a speculative investment and as such involves a high degree of risk. There is no guarantee that future investments will be similar. Nothing contained above shall constitute a recommendation or endorsement to buy or sell any security or other financial instrument.