We believe transparency and standard,
consistent metrics are key to evaluating
and improving performance.

Reporting Standards

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is the leading organization dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing as well as transparency, credibility and consistency in impact performance reporting.

We continue to use GIIN’s Impact Reporting & Investment Standards (IRIS) to help communicate our investee companies' social, environmental, and financial performance using consistent industry terms, definitions and measures. This consistency allows investors to evaluate and compare performance across funds and asset managers, and help portfolio organizations track and improve their business and social performance.


Upon request, TriLinc provides guidance on best practices, implementation and reporting to companies interested in formalizing or improving their existing ESG policies.

We offer advisory and support on:

Strategy & Implementation:
Defining overarching strategy on ESG guidelines as well as sustainable and ethical business policies and practices.

Advising on procedures and processes to monitor meaningful and measurable metrics.

Exploring ways to incorporate new impact or ESG goal into existing business structure and practice.

Analyzing data and reporting on ESG practices and impact goals. Aligning goals with IRIS and SDGs for consistency and year-on-year comparison.