Our global mission starts
at the local level with
knowledge and diligence.

Scalable solutions

To generate positive, measurable change in the regions we operate in, and to access what we believe to be attractive growth opportunities, TriLinc employs an on-ground investment partner model.

Working in collaboration, our investment partners provide deep local networks, a firm understanding of the local culture and regulatory environment and a strong local reputation. Stringent assessments and due diligence are also taken to ensure that our partners can demonstrate strong, independent risk controls and a willingness to screen for and track impact and ESG practices.

This layer of on-the-ground risk management helps to assess potential investment returns and mitigate idiosyncratic local market risk. It can also help to support the fulfillment of positive impact objectives defined at the outset of every investment. Our partner model is critical as we expand to other regions and offer additional strategies to meet various investment and impact objectives.


Impact comes from
careful collaboration.