The right relationships
are key to creating impact
with sustainable growth.


TriLinc collaborates with local Deal Origination Partners to provide scalable solutions to access attractive growth opportunities in select markets. Partners are carefully selected based on their demonstrated track records, years of experience in their asset class, continuity in their team, independent risk controls, established networks in their specific regions, countries and local markets and commitment to partner in the achievement of TriLinc’s mission.

With multiple Deal Origination Partners sourcing opportunities in different asset classes across the globe, dynamic allocation to different managers is a key element of TriLinc’s portfolio management. Allocation decisions are driven by ongoing monitoring of asset class and geographic trends, balanced by dividend requirements, cash flow needs, and Deal Origination Partner performance. As an element of oversight and quality control TriLinc maintains observer rights on all relevant Deal Origination Partner committees. Individual deal origination partner policy and practice can vary widely and TriLinc may elect to adopt a more stringent process than Deal Origination Partner committee observance.

TriLinc is working with 5 institutional-class Deal Origination Partners with access to a robust pipeline of highly selective investment opportunities. Their management teams have an average of 124 years of market experience.

Origination Partner data depicted is reported to TriLinc by the Origination Partners at the time of engagement and updated or confirmed periodically thereafter. Transaction experience includes transactions by the Origination Partner’s products or personnel that align with our investment strategy but not necessarily solely in connection with TriLinc funds or transactions. We may add or remove Origination Partners at our discretion. Origination Partners’ past performance is not indicative of future results. Actions by Origination Partners are generally out of our control and might have the result of negatively impacting TriLinc funds’ performance. Dependence on Origination Partners creates reliance on certain individuals to make investment selections. Such dependence may create a key-person risk. Conflicts of interests with the Origination Partner or their key individuals’ other activities may also arise.

Explore our partners
Enhanced Capital
  • 24-year history in private investments
  • Over $900 million in transaction experience
  • United States underserved markets focus
  • Principals have a combined experience of over 47 years
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The Rohatyn Group
  • 21-year history in private investments
  • Over $1.3 billion in transaction experience
  • Latin America focus
  • Principals have combined experience of 266 years
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CCL Capital
  • 9-year history in private credit
  • Over $361 million in transaction experience
  • Emerging Europe focus
  • Principals have combined experience of 87 years
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Origin Capital Limited
  • Founded in 2019, a new emerging markets asset management firm
  • Over $3.1 billion in transaction experience
  • Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa focus
  • Principals have combined experience of 88 years
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Asia Impact Capital
  • 16-year history in debt and equity investments
  • Over $22.3 billion in credit transaction experience
  • Southeast Asia focus
  • Principals have combined experience of over 133 years
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