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Gloria Nelund, the CEO and Founder of TriLinc, walked away from a $50 billion Wall Street operation to make a more direct impact.

In 2005, Gloria retired from a highly successful investment career on Wall Street and dove in to philanthropic work. Through her extensive world travels and participation in think-tanks sourcing solutions to address pressing social, economic and environmental issues, Gloria had an epiphany. She realized that the capital markets may be our best chance to solve some of the biggest social and environmental issues we face today. Combining her philanthropic values with her passion for business, she forged a path where she could make the most direct impact using her extensive investment experience.

TriLinc was founded in 2008 to bring investors globally diversified investment opportunities that aim to offer attractive returns while making positive measurable social impacts in communities around the world.

Gloria believes that “Philanthropy and aid alone can’t solve the biggest issues facing our world, but private capital deployed at scale can create systematic, transformative change.”

Career Highlights

  • CEO of Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management North America ($50 billion)
  • CEO of Bank of America’s Capital Management ($35 billion)
  • Independent Trustee of the Victory Funds ($32.9 billion)
The Team