Growth, stability and
performance are a
reality, worldwide.

Borrower Spotlights

TriLinc is focused on providing growth capital to established businesses with positive cash flows and abundant collateral. Our impact is global; since 2013, we have provided financing to enterprises in 38 countries.1 Navigate our borrower spotlights by clicking the countries on the map below, or view a full list here.2

1) Inception to 2/29/24. TriLinc supports impactful trading operations, benefiting exports and/or imports into primarily developing economies. For borrower companies located in developed economies, TriLinc provided either: (a) trade finance facilities involving developing economy exports and/or imports; or (b) term loan facilities for operations in developing economies. The transactions involving these developed economy enterprises are included in the figures above. 2) We have included all investments from inception through 2/29/24, including some which are no longer held in our portfolio. The information contained in the spotlights is as of the initial dates of investment. Some investments may have been made in an investment vehicle that is no longer open for investment. The highlighted investments may or may not have been profitable. There is no guarantee that future investments will be similar.