We believe in creating
powerful impact and
meaningful returns.

TriLinc empowers investors to use their private capital to make a positive social impact, without compromising return. Our impact investment strategy provides capital and growth to companies, regions and the people that need it the most.

Impact investing not only rewards investors with attractive returns, it can also change our world for the better.

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$ 725 M
Financed in term loans and trade finance since 2013
Developing economies, positively impacted
$ 32 B
In transactions
across 11 global investment partners
28 %
Increase in SMEs financed
73 %
Jump in number of
jobs supported
29 %
Increase in impact
objective reporting

Transactions, economies and financed amounts as of 9/30/17. Percent increases are year-over-year change as of 6/30/17.

Our impact achieves
measurable results.