We believe in creating
powerful impact and
meaningful returns.

TriLinc empowers investors to use their private capital to make a positive social impact without compromising return. Our impact investment strategy provides capital and growth to the companies, regions, and people that need it the most.

Impact investing can not only reward investors with attractive returns; it can also change our world for the better.

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$ 1.46 B
Financed in term loans and trade finance since 20131
Developing economies, positively impacted2
$ 49 B
In transaction experience
across 15 global deal origination partners3
34 %
of borrowers contribute to Building Sustainable Communities4
56 %
of borrowers focus on Strengthening their Workforce5
39 %
of borrowers seek to Enhance their Global Competitiveness6

All data is from inception to 12/31/2021 unless otherwise noted. 1) Total amount financed includes short term investments. Short term investments are defined by TriLinc as investments that generally meet the standard underwriting guidelines for trade finance and term loan transactions and that also have the following characteristics: (a) maturity of less than one year. (b) loans to borrowers to whom, at the time of funding, TriLinc does not expect to re-lend. Impact data is not tracked for short term investments. 2) TriLinc supports impactful trading operations, benefiting exports and/or imports into primarily developing economies. For borrower companies located in developed economies, TriLinc provided either: (a) trade finance facilities involving developing economy exports and/or imports; or (b) term loan facilities for operations in developing economies. The transactions involving these economy enterprises are included in the figures above. 3) Investment Partner data depicted is as reported to TriLinc by Investment Partners on an annual and ad hoc basis. Transaction experience displayed is limited to transactions that align with TriLinc’s investment strategy. Transaction experience is not solely in connection with TriLinc products or transactions, and may apply to the experience of Investment Partner firms, products, or personnel. There is no assurance that an Investment Partner's past performance will be indicative of future results. Since inception, TriLinc has worked with 15 investment partners. Statistics from prior investment partners are not included above. 4) Borrower companies categorized in the “Building Sustainable Communities” impact theme have chosen to track and report company data against one or more of the following impact objectives: Access to Education; Access to Energy for Households; Access to Financial Services; Affordable Housing; Agricultural Productivity; Community Development; Environmental Conservation; Energy Conservation; Food Security; and Health Improvement. 5) Borrower companies categorized in the “Strengthening the Workforce” impact theme have chosen to track and report company data against one or more of the following impact objectives: Capacity Building; Equality and Empowerment; Employee Ownership; Job Creation; and Wage Increase. Starting on January 1, 2019, TriLinc removed the “Job Creation” and “Wage Increase” impact objective selection options from its borrower company impact screen. Metrics and data for both impact objectives are collected by TriLinc but are considered as portfolio-wide inputs to measure TriLinc-support fund’s economic development thesis rather than borrower company-specific impact objectives. 6) Borrower companies categorized in the “Enhancing Global Competitiveness” impact theme have chosen to track and report company data against one or more of the following impact objectives: Access to New Markets; Access to New Products; and Productivity and Competitiveness Improvement.

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