We believe in creating
powerful impact and
meaningful returns.

TriLinc empowers investors to use their private capital to make a positive social impact without compromising return. Our impact investment strategy provides capital and growth to the companies, regions, and people that need it the most.

Impact investing can not only reward investors with attractive returns; it can also change our world for the better.

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$ 1.31 B
Financed in term loans and trade finance since 20131
Developing economies, positively impacted2
$ 42 B
In transaction experience
across 14 global investment partners3
9 %
Increase in SMEs financed
8 %
Increase in number of
jobs supported
2 %
Increase in number of
borrowers with
multiple impact

Transactions, economies, and financed amounts as of 12/31/19. Percent increases are year-over-year change as of 3/31/19 and represent the diversity of reported impact objectives. “Jobs” is based on the IRIS Metric of Permanent Employees. 1Totals also include $134.6 million in short-term note investments. Short-term note investments are defined by TriLinc as investments that have a maturity of less than one year, to borrowers with whom TriLinc does not expect to re-lend. Impact data is not tracked for short-term note investments. 2TriLinc supports impactful trading operations, benefiting exports and/or imports into developing economies. For borrower companies that are located in developed markets, TriLinc provides trade financing transactions involving exports/imports for enterprises located in developing economies. The transactions involving these developing economy enterprises are included in the figures above. 3Transaction experience refers specifically to that of the individuals with whom TriLinc works, both at their current firms and/or at prior firms where they engaged in developing economy credit transactions. As of 8/7/19, TriLinc is working with 12 investment partners; two prior firms contributed $9.09 billion to our partners’ overall transaction experience listed above.

Our impact achieves
measurable results.