Investment Partner: CCL Capital

CEECAT Capital Limited & CCL Investments SARL (CCL):

Established in 2014, CCL Capital is a European-focused spin-off of ADM Capital, which has specialized in recovery, special situations and stressed opportunities across Asia since 1998 and in the Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Turkey (CEECAT) region since 2005. CCL manages all of ADM Capital’s legacy assets in the CEECAT region and focuses on extending private credit to SMEs who cannot access regular bank financing due to factors such as local regulatory restrictions on bank lending, illiquidity or stress in the banking sector, delays in the bank approval process, collateral coverage mismatch for local banks, among others.  CCL’s principals have over 46 years of combined experience in corporate and structured finance, cash equity sales and equity derivative sales, and have completed a total of ~$299 million in debt investment deals across the CEECAT region. CCL has a demonstrated track record in establishing, operating, managing and advising funds that invest in companies across the region through utilizing their strong cultural knowledge of the local legal jurisdictions and regulatory compliance requirements.

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Investment partner data is updated annually and is as of 12/31/17. Capital deployed by Investment Partners is not solely in connection with TriLinc products; transactions refer specifically to those of the individuals with whom TriLinc works, both at their current firms and/or at prior firms where they engaged in developing economy credit transactions. Investment Partners shown are for illustrative purposes only and subject to change.