Investment Partner: AIC

Asia Impact Capital

AIC is an investment firm advised by the founding principals of TAEL Partners Ltd. (“TAEL”) and established to provide investment services to TriLinc. TAEL is a leading Southeast Asian investment firm founded in 2007 by seasoned industry veterans with long-term track records and diverse investment capabilities across Southeast Asia. TAEL’s investment professionals have deep roots in Southeast Asia and extensive experience working for leading financial institutions on both international and local levels. TAEL’s founding principals have over 75 years of collective Asian market investment experience. The company has a hands-on approach and can adapt and tailor its investment structures to the nuances of the Southeast Asian markets while partnering with established, growing businesses. Leveraging its wide and established network of business relationships in the region, TAEL generally enjoys an absence of competitive bidding, and is often able to undertake investments at attractive pricing levels. TAEL’s founding principals have over $15 billion in credit transaction experience.

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Investment partner data is updated annually and is as of 12/31/17. Capital deployed by Investment Partners is not solely in connection with TriLinc products; transactions refer specifically to those of the individuals with whom TriLinc works, both at their current firms and/or at prior firms where they engaged in developing economy credit transactions. Investment Partners shown are for illustrative purposes only and subject to change.