TriLinc’s 2023 Sustainability & Impact Report Is Now Available

TriLinc has invested over $1.5 billion in 38 developing economy companies since inception, and in 2023 we continued to work tirelessly to engage with our borrower companies to overcome challenges from the reverberations of the pandemic, including disrupted supply chains and higher commodity prices.

TriLinc’s impact tracking and reporting disciplines are designed to prove that capitalism can be used as a force for good. We continue to achieve impact in three meaningful ways:

  • Investing in lower-middle market companies that seek to generate tangible and meaningful impacts in building sustainable communities, strengthening their workforce, and enhancing global competitiveness for their local ecosystem
  • Empowering investors with the opportunity to provide much needed access to financing for these sustainable growth-stage businesses
  • Through the personal contributions and community development efforts of the entire TriLinc team.


Our 2023 Private Debt Plus® Sustainability & Impact Report is now available by clicking here.