A video from our Uganda based borrower Asili Agriculture

Asili Farms produces maize, soybeans, and other grains and oil seeds. Asili continues to research and grow by adapting climate-smart farming practices across its 8,000 hectares and by transferring these practices to thousands of small holder farmers they work with and support through their producer services division. Asili Agriculture exemplifies our mission and efforts at TriLinc to invest in enterprises which seek to generate meaningful social and environmental impacts. We believe Asili has become the lifeblood of their Ugandan economies, generating a substantial amount of food crop and having a positive effect on its local communities by offering stable and growing incomes, transacting with local businesses and supporting thousands of smallholder farmers with access to knowledge, quality inputs and markets. We are proud to support Asili and their efforts to help contribute towards a better future for their communities and their families. Click here to view video.