Western Asset Veteran, Sandy Goodman, Emerges from Retirement to Advance Impact Investing at TriLinc Global


Sandy Goodman TriLinc Global
Sandy Goodman, Managing Partner

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TriLinc Global, LLC (“TriLinc”) announced today that Western Asset’s former Client Services Executive, Sandy Goodman, has joined TriLinc as Managing Partner to lead institutional investor initiatives. TriLinc is a groundbreaking fund sponsor dedicated to demonstrating the power of private capital in helping to solve some of the world’s pressing socioeconomic and environmental challenges by creating institutional class, market rate impact funds that attract private capital at scale.

Through its subsidiaries, TriLinc has invested over $500 million in private debt globally, and is the Investment Adviser and Manager to the TriLinc Global Sustainable Income Fund, available to qualified purchasers and accredited investors (within the meaning of the Investment Company Act of 1940 and Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933, respectively).

Goodman led Western Asset’s Endowment, Foundation and Healthcare channel for over 19 years, as the firm grew from $12.5B to over $450B in assets under management. He was recruited by TriLinc’s Chairman and CEO, Gloria Nelund, who noted that “Sandy brings invaluable experience and deep relationships to TriLinc, and equally importantly, he brings a passion for impact investing.”

Goodman will lead efforts to raise institutional capital for TriLinc’s private debt funds. “I am honored to join an industry-leading impact investing firm like TriLinc. The company’s mission, vision, and values deeply align with my personal beliefs and convictions,” said Goodman. “I look forward to utilizing my past, in the present, to build a better future by engaging institutional investors in our mission to link market rate returns, positive impact, and scalable solutions.”

“I’m thrilled to see Sandy come out of retirement,” commented Steve Walsh, former CIO at Western Asset Management Company. “He has the ability to understand and incorporate values-based investors’ goals into the portfolio allocation process with institutional discipline – a vital approach for investors such as pension funds, foundations and endowments, which increasingly seek to integrate impact investing into their allocation strategies.”

TriLinc’s investment approach incorporates rigorous financial as well as environmental, social, governance (ESG) and impact analysis. A growing body of research indicates that these additional screens provide a more thorough approach to risk management, while fostering sustainable development.

About TriLinc Global, LLC

TriLinc Global is a private impact investment fund sponsor that seeks to provide investors with access to institutional-class, market-rate-return impact investment funds. Impact Investing is defined as deploying capital with the specific objective of achieving a financial return as well as positive impact that is measured and reported. Through its sponsored funds, TriLinc has developed a systematic approach to the packaging, registration, and distribution of alternative investment products that pursue unique yield-oriented strategies while fostering the view that capitalism can be a force for good.



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