Investment Partner: Scipion

Scipion Capital Ltd.

Scipion is a Sub-Saharan Africa-focused investment management firm that has deployed over $450 million in trade finance transactions since its inception in 2007. Headquartered in London, with an office in Geneva and investment team member presence in Botswana, South Africa, and Morocco, the firm focuses its investment strategy on managing a diversified portfolio of trade finance assets across multiple industries, geographies, and financing structures. More specifically, Scipion’s emphasis on short duration and self-liquidating transactions is a cornerstone of its investment strategy and has translated into an attractive track record of risk-adjusted returns and a reputation as one of the leading trade finance managers in the region. Scipion’s principals execute the firm’s strategy through over 55 years of combined experience in banking, emerging markets, and trade finance in Africa.

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Investment partner data is updated annually and is as of 12/31/17. Capital deployed by Investment Partners is not solely in connection with TriLinc products; transactions refer specifically to those of the individuals with whom TriLinc works, both at their current firms and/or at prior firms where they engaged in developing economy credit transactions. Investment Partners shown are for illustrative purposes only and subject to change.