Deal Origination and Servicing Partner: AGTF


• Africa Global Trade Finance Ltd, or “AGTF” (formerly AMC Trade Finance Ltd, or “AMCTF”): AGTF was established in 2016 by Africa Merchant Capital Group, a U.K.-based boutique merchant banking services business founded in 2012, in order to implement its middle market trade finance strategy in Sub-Saharan Africa. The global regulatory environment has reduced commercial banks’ appetite to deploy funds into the African trade finance market, and non-banking sectors have insufficient capital resources, leaving the SME sector underfunded. AGTF aims to increase the availability of trade finance for domestic and regional trade in Sub-Saharan Africa through offering a range of flexible short-term trade finance product solutions. The AGTF product range includes off-balance sheet stand-alone transactional facilities, back-to-back Letter of Credit facilities, trade-receivable discounting, supplier cash payments and documentary collections. AGTF’s principals have approximately 65 years of combined experience in banking, corporate finance, trade finance, and emerging markets and have completed more than $1.1 billion in trade finance transactions. TriLinc’s partnership with AGTF provides short-term trade finance to borrowers trading into or out of select countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, responding to the demand of target borrower companies in the region, and helping them achieve sustainable growth through more flexible financing options. AGTF serves as a secondary sub-advisor. AMCTF’s name was changed to AGTF in December 2021, when Zebu Investment Partners, through its African Food Security LP, completed an equity buyout of the founders. As a result of the buyout, Africa Merchant Capital Group no longer has any interest in or relationship to AGTF.

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