Weekly Impact Investment Market Update: November 10, 2017

Impact Investing & ESG

Impact Investors Can Profit From Infill Real Estate Development and Do Well by Doing Good

There have always been investors who value profitable opportunities that create a positive social and economic impact on communities and the environment.

Advisors Failing to Talk ESG with Clients

Investors of all ages are interested in environmental, social and governance investing—or ESG—but advisors apparently are not bringing up the subject with them.

Argentina Wants a Slice of the Impact Investment Pie

Attracting impact investors is part of Argentina President Mauricio Macri plan to rebuild the country’s investment environment.

‘Less Talk, More Action’ to Boost Impact Investing in China

The philosophy behind impact investing isn’t lost on China, but the tendency to over-hype the sector could be.

Forbes Launches Impact Investing Community
Forbes Media announced today the launch of its invite-only Impact Investing Community which will convene the world’s most influential people – entrepreneurs, celebrities, family offices, athletes, investors, musicians, next-gen leaders, and creators – to scale impact investing and influence culture.


United States & Europe

N.Y. Fed Sees U.S. Economy Growth Near 3.2 Percent in Fourth Quarter

The New York Federal Reserve on Friday kept its view on U.S. gross domestic product growth for the fourth quarter near 3.2 percent given the dearth of economic data this week.

Goldman Sachs CEO: China’s Economy Will Surpass the US, and by One Measure it Already Has

Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein told CNBC on Thursday it’s inevitable that the Chinese economy will be bigger than the U.S. economy based on the sheer population disparity alone.

Europe’s Economic Dilemma

Europe faces a serious problem. Although economic activity has recently increased, the euro zone has lost the ability to respond to the next downturn when it happens, as it inevitably will.


Developing Economies

Managing Climate Impacts Through 2050

A new ranking from Thomson Reuters charts the top 250 corporate producers of greenhouse gases.

Brazil Begins Efforts to Plant 73 Million Trees in the Amazon

The experiment in reforestation involves spreading native seeds instead of planting saplings.

China Makes Historic Move to Open Market for Financial Firms

China took a major step toward the long-awaited opening of its financial system, saying it will remove foreign ownership limits on banks while allowing overseas firms to take majority stakes in local securities ventures, fund managers, and insurers.