Weekly Impact Investment Market Update: March 23, 2018

Impact Investing & ESG

A Roadmap for the Impact Revolution

The Global Impact Investing Network lays plans for a five- to seven-year impact makeover of legacy financial markets.

Just Good Business: An Investor’s Guide to B Corps

Investors weigh the value of B Corp certification. More than 2,400 companies have been certified as “B Corps,” giving them a handy way to demonstrate their adherence to social and environmental performance and accountability standards. Do investors care?

How the Market for Impact Investing Could Go from Billions to Trillions

The biggest misconception about impact investing is that it’s charity. A market still in formation? Yes. A market in need of common definitions and metrics? Yes. But charity? No way.

Young Asians Pursue Impact Investing that Makes Profit at Home

The question is how fast the region will seize opportunities in societies’ many needs

ESG Researcher Sustainalytics Buys Solaron Sustainability Services

ESG research firm Sustainalytics purchased certain assets from Solaron Sustainability Services, a provider of environmental, social and governance ratings and research to global investors.

What Impact Investors Can Learn From Activists

Impact investment is a relatively new phenomenon – the billion-dollar trend most people have never heard of.

European Plans Ramping Up on ESG for Default Options

European defined contribution plans are gearing up to incorporate ESG elements into their default funds ahead of anticipated changes to retirement rules.

How Women Are Influencing Impact Investing

Women today are taking on the challenges of this millennium with uncommon vigor and creativity by managing family, career and education in ways that are transforming how we live and work.


United States & Europe

Up, Up, Up Goes the Economy. Here’s What Could Knock it Down

Americans have spent much of the past decade wondering when the economy would recover from the crippling Great Recession. Now, they are considering another question: When, and how, will that recovery end?


Developing Economies

A Positive Surprise for Emerging Markets

Many eyes are watching emerging markets economies. The economies of countries such as China, Thailand, and South Korea, along with their stock markets, soared last year and are outpacing developed markets so far in 2018.

5 Takeaways from the 2018 World Economic Forum on Latin America

Latin America has long been considered a region on the brink of great success and prosperity, but corruption and mounting inequalities plague many of its countries, and solutions aren’t easy to come by — even if the problems are increasingly easy to identify.

Latin America in the New Asia-Pacific Trade Order

Economic relations between Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and Asia are at a crossroads. LAC countries face the dual challenge of reigniting trade with Asia, which remains the world’s fastest-growing region, while also diversifying and adding value to their exports.

Argentina, Germany Want to Keep Pledge for Free Trade at G20 Summit

Germany and Argentina want to uphold a pledge to keep international trade free at a summit of the world’s 20 largest economies in Buenos Aires this week, the countries’ finance ministers said on Sunday.

Water and Money’s $1 Trillion Relationship Crisis

With the U.S. and other countries needing massive water infrastructure spending, private capital will have to play a part.