Weekly Impact Investment Market Update: March 2, 2018

Impact Investing & ESG

Forget FICO: How Alternative Credit-Scoring is Driving Financial Inclusion

Fintech startups are crunching call-logs, app installs and even punctuation to help individuals and businesses get loans in Kenya?—?and the U.S.

In Latin America, Tech is Driving Impact and Impact is Driving Tech

As investors seek scale at this week’s Latin America Impact Investing Forum, many are asking, ‘What is impact?’

Taking the Mystery Out of Impact Investing

One mission of ImpactAssets, a U.S. nonprofit financial services firm, is to make it easier for individuals, families, and the advisors who serve them to get their hands on the information required to understand and evaluate potential impact investments—those that aim to generate social and environmental value as well as a market-based return.

ESG, Sustainable and Impact Investing: An Advisor’s Guide

Here are some resources for advisors who are just beginning to educate themselves about these investments, which are increasingly in demand.

IA50 Assets Doubled in 2017

ImpactAssets announced that fund managers included in the seventh annual ImpactAssets50 nearly tripled their assets managed in 2017 compared with the previous year. An estimated $29.2 billion in assets were managed by IA 50 funds in 2017.

Use These 10 ESG Factors to Avoid Riskiest Investments in 2018

Don’t just think of ESG factors as representing an opportunity to own assets because of corporate policies and practices concerning the environment or social and governance issues. They can also serve as a warning sign about the risks of owning certain securities, those that score low on the ESG continuum.

Sustainable Banking Network – Global Progress Report

Emerging markets have become a major driver for sustainable development and addressing climate change. Reaching the SDGs and climate targets will require a sustained effort and an estimated $70 trillion of financing by 2030. In emerging markets, banks hold assets estimated at more than $50 trillion, which gives them the potential to make a substantial difference in sustainable development.

The Rise of ESG Investing in Asia

Incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions, responsible investment is no longer a niche area in Asia.

Retail Investors Find Comfort in ESG Investing

‘ESG Investing’ has morphed into a catch-all term for a range of strategies that really incorporate different styles and fundamental differences. However, all these concepts, which originally found their feet among institutional investors, are increasingly creeping into retail investor vernacular.


United States & Europe

Colt ‘Greens’ Its European Data Centre Network As Strategy Works

While some countries make it tricky to go entirely green in the DC field, Colt says it’s making great strides in doing the right thing.


Developing Economies

Nigerian Bank Profits Set to Get Boost from Economy’s Comeback

The spring in the step of Nigeria’s economy is likely to show up in the results of the country’s banks when they start reporting 2017 earnings from this month.

Asian Export Rebound to Fuel Faster Economic Growth in 2018

Against a backdrop of growing optimism, fueled by rising exports, China’s economy will grow by an inflation-adjusted 6.4% and four big Southeast Asian economies will log combined growth of 5.2% this year, according to a forecast by the Japan Center for Economic Research.

Is Emerging Europe Prepared for GDPR?

Giving control over their personal data back to people, and simplifying and unifying regulations within the European Union are the two primary objectives of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force on May 25, 2018.

Latin America Moves the Needle in the Geopolitics of Trade

Trade is a geopolitically charged subject, and nowhere more so than in Latin America.