Weekly Impact Investment Market Update: March 16, 2018

Impact Investing & ESG

Demystifying Impact Investing for Newcomers – and the Rest of Us

Three impact fund managers break it down during a live panel at Liquidnet’s New York office

How to Invest With a Conscience (and Still Make Money)

Jean Case, the chief executive of the Case Foundation, is a leader in impact investing, a movement that aims to force social change by minimizing or eliminating investors’ exposure to companies that harm the world and achieve a solid return.

Make Way for ‘Gender-Lens Investing’

One of the fast-growing parts of sustainable investing is so-called gender-lens investing, which integrates gender-based factors, either to improve returns or to promote more gender equality. There have been a number of investment product introductions around the world recently; expect more.

ESG is a Growth Strategy

Pioneers such as the Environment Agency Pension Fund or mastertrust Nest will have devoted the most time to thinking about ESG, but regulatory pressure is ramping up and could soon force more schemes to do likewise.

U.S. ESG Funds Struggle to Keep Pace with Global Peers

Environmental, social and governance-focused funds investing outside the U.S. have fared significantly better than their U.S. counterparts. Three- and five-year alpha numbers for the ex-U.S. cohort were 1.42% and 1.51%, respectively, while U.S. ESG funds struggled to outperform their targets.

Nomura Says to Study Long-Term Growth of ESG Bond Market

Nomura Holdings has established a research group to focus on the sustainable development of the bond market adhering to environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards.

The Surprising Leader in the $36 Billion Global Market for ‘Payments for Ecosystem Services’

Spoiler alert: China’s market-based system pays farmers and households more than $5 billion per year to reduce deforestation.

New Financing Facilities Blend Capital to Meet the 2030 Global Goals

Convergence design grants help fund managers mobilize private capital with public and philanthropic funding.

The Economics of Mobile Money

The business case for financial inclusion is clear. Capturing the opportunity is less so..


United States & Europe

UK Exports to a Group of Emerging Nations Could be $10B More

Annual exports to what Standard calls the Emerging 7 (China, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Indonesia) are currently worth £24bn.


Developing Economies

What’s the World’s Fastest-Growing Economy? Ghana Contends for the Crown

Its projected growth in 2018, between 8.3 and 8.9 percent, might outpace even India, with its booming tech sector, and Ethiopia, which over the last decade has been one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies thanks to expanding agricultural production and coffee exports.

South Africa’s Economy Expected to Grow at 1.9% in 2018

The OECD’s latest Interim Economic Outlook has revised South Africa’s growth rate expectations for 2018 and 2019 upward, on the back of positive sentiment around the economy and changes to the political landscape.

Latin America and the Caribbean: Back on Track

A nascent global recovery is improving prospects across Latin America and the Caribbean—albeit unevenly.