Weekly Impact Investment Market Update: June 22, 2018

Impact Investing & ESG

Money Managers are Flocking to a $23 Trillion Investing Strategy that Morgan Stanley Says is Ready to Take Off
Environmental, social, and governance investing — also known as ESG — has exploded in popularity, with roughly $23 trillion being invested with at least a partial ESG mandate.

Investors are Right to Consider ESG Risks, Says New Report by Corporate Governance Association
Investors are right to consider ESG risks because they can impact the worth of intangible assets which make up more than 80 percent of company value, said a new report by the Society for Corporate Governance.

84% of Investors Apply, or are Considering, ESG – Morgan Stanley
Eighty-four percent of asset owners globally are pursuing or considering ESG investing, said a survey released Monday by the Morgan Stanley (MS) Institute for Sustainable Investing and Morgan Stanley Investment Management.

ESG Roundtable: Great for Society, Good for Investors
Someday, it will be hard to imagine a time when investors didn’t study environmental impact, workplace culture, and reputational risk as part of their routine due diligence on companies.

Best Practices in Impact Management Begin to Take Hold
Impact investors are figuring out how to integrate impact throughout their investment process in ways that are efficient, effective, and authentic.

Fidelity Charitable Offers Impact Investing Education for Advisors
Fidelity Charitable, a major donor-advised-fund sponsor, announced Tuesday that it has introduced a new impact investing module as part of its practice management program to educate advisors about impact investing trends and approaches.

ESG Investing: The New Frontier for Investors
A distinct trend has emerged in recent years among the global investment community. Investors are increasingly looking beyond just the pecuniary returns they could earn on potential investments; instead, many are now also concerned about the wider impact their investments could have on the world, with regards to such issues as climate change, human-rights issues and gender discrimination.

Not Considering ESG Could Mean Failing Fiduciary Duty: Compenswiss
Investors that do not consider ESG risks in their portfolios risk breaching their fiduciary duty to members, according to the investment chief of one of Switzerland’s biggest asset owners.


United States & Europe

What is the U.S. Dollar Saying about the Economy?
The US dollar has rebounded in foreign-exchange markets since late March and continues to remain strong as the US economy remains relatively strong.


Developing Economies

Here’s the Projected Growth Rate for South Africa’s Economy
South Africa’s economy is expected to recover from a poor start this year, rescued by stronger growth in the rest of the world, a Reuters poll found on Wednesday.

Argentina Wins Upgrade to Emerging Status after Nine Years
Argentina won promotion to emerging-market status for the first time in almost a decade, rewarding President Mauricio Macri for his efforts.