Weekly Impact Investment Market Update: June 16, 2017

Impact Investing & ESG

Impact Investing

A Social Investment Ecosystem Emerges in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar

This interview with Nguyn and Aarti Mohan discusses highlights from their report on the landscape for impact investing in 14 Asian countries.

3 Ways Millennials are Influencing Global Investing

Millennials contribute to global investment through peer-to-peer collaboration, new entrepreneurial ventures, and socially responsible impact investing.

The ’23 Fund’: A New Model for Growth Capital in the World’s Poorest Countries

This article explores a model for a fund dedicated to growth capital equity investments in the world’s 23 poorest countries.

“In the Future, All Investing will be Impact”

The symposium discussed the possibility of impact investing being woven into traditional investment firms’ existing practices.

Investing in Women: New Evidence for the Business Case

The IFC’s report shows that closing gaps between men and women in the private sector leads to business benefits and better development outcomes alike.


Why It Matters that S&P 500 Companies Report on ESG

Companies which publish sustainability reports are more likely to experience lower operating expenses, greater competitive advantage, and gives them a leg up in the marketplace for their products and services.

High ESG Performance Translates Into High Financial Performance

Chris McKnett, Managing Director of State Street Global Advisors, and Mirtha Kastrapeli, Global Head of State Street’s Center for Applied Research, discuss the benefits and challenges of implementing an ESG framework in an investment portfolio.

United States and Europe

United States

Fed Raises Rates, Maintains Forecast for One More Hike

This marks the third increase in the Federal Reserve interest rate in six months in an attempt to normalize the government’s balance sheet.

Arlene Foster Calls for ‘Sensible Brexit’

The Democratic Unionist Party leader seeks to work with Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to craft a Brexit which reinstates Irish institutions and emphasizes power sharing.

Emerging Markets

New Energy Outlook 2017

Focused on the electricity system, NEO combines the expertise of over 80 market and technology specialists in 12 countries to provide a unique view of how the market will evolve.


Tanzania: Raising Agricultural Ministry’s Budget to Benefit Rural Folks

The agriculture industry provides an income for 65 percent of the Tanzanian population, so any efforts to improve the country’s living standards must seek to fight climate change and improve the economic climate for farmers.

Tanzania Central Bank Announces New Capital Rules for Banks

The new capital requirements are part of efforts to implement Basel III guidelines, which were introduced after the 2008/2009 financial crisis.

Latin America

Colombia Farc Rebels ‘Committed to Disarmament’

The United Nations Mission in Colombia says it has received 40% of the weapons registered by the Farc rebel group, a figure which falls short of the 60% they should have received by now.

Southeast Asia

India Cedes Best-Performing Emerging Market Tag to South Korea

Emerging markets have outperformed developed markets in 2017 so far, with Indian markets up 24 percent and South Korean markets up 25 percent.