Weekly Impact Investment Market Update: January 25, 2019

Impact Investing & ESG

The Rise Fund Spin-Off Marks Growth of Impact Investing
U.S. private equity firm TPG and U2 star Bono’s announcement earlier this week that they have created a new organization for measuring the social and environmental returns of investments appears to be a signal of growing investor demand for tools to assess impact.

A 2019 Resolution to Start Impact Investing
Has this happened to you? A valued client comes to you asking about impact investing or a new sustainable investing fund, and you are caught flat-footed, not knowing what to say or how to advise the client on this growing segment of investments.

5 Major ESG Trends for Advisors to Watch in 2019: MSCI
These and other findings in the MSCI report spotlight environmental, social and governance  trends that could affect companies and investors in 2019, and should be on an advisor’s radar going forward.

Why There’s So Much Push For ESG Investing
Businesses shape our world, that’s a fact. Their actions are profound, global and lasting. They impact our Earth, our oceans, our climate, our cities and our lives. We can all participate in changing the world for the better by inciting businesses to become a driving force for good.

Misaligned Hiring Priorities Risk Taking the Impact Out of Impact Investing
The underlying assumption behind this underestimation is simple: they believe it’s easier to teach an experienced venture investment professional about social impact than it is for a social impact expert with no investment experience to learn the rules of the venture capital game and develop the pattern-matching skills to be a successful investor.

OECD Says Impact Investment Needs Universal Standards
Impact investing could be more effective if universal measurement standards were implemented and impact goals were better defined, an OECD report says.

How Impact Investing Can Amplify Philanthropic Efforts
For years, philanthropy and investing have been treated as separate disciplines—one championing social change, the other financial gain. The idea that the two approaches could be integrated in the same deals once struck most philanthropists and investors as far-fetched. Not anymore.

Skeptical About ESG? Don’t Be. Here’s Why
The evidence is piling up against advisors who remain skeptical on environment, social and governance investing. A recent study by Amundi SA found that government actions and corporate scandals have forced a “wake-up call” to scrutinize companies for ESG friendliness, something even sovereign wealth funds and central banks are acting on.

The Top Ten Trends That Will Affect Family Offices In 2019 And Beyond
There is an undeniable socio-cultural mindset shift towards ethical social and environmental practices. Consumers and employees, as well as the world at large, are putting pressure on organizations to do what is best for people and the planet before driving the profit agenda.


Developing Economies

Unlimited Opportunities: Creating More Jobs for Young People in Emerging Market and Developing Economies
“To define is to limit,” Oscar Wilde once said. But sometimes economists need to use definitions to see the scope of a problem and find ways to lift the limits to success. This is especially true for young people in emerging markets and developing economies.

IMF Warns Trade Tensions Could Hit Growth
The International Monetary Fund has warned that escalating trade tensions could undermine global economic growth.

UN Speaks Positively about Kenya’s Economic Growth
Economic growth is expected to remain strong in Kenya and the rest of East Africa this year and the next, the United Nations said.

Two Decades Post Asian Financial Crisis, How Southeast Asia Can Keep Up Stunning Growth
For ASEAN to continue to prosper in 2019 and beyond, they’ll need to drive harder for regional integration, says HSBC Singapore’s Tony Cripps.