Weekly Impact Investment Market Update: January 11, 2019

Impact Investing & ESG

ESG Influence on Credit Ratings Revealed by Fitch Ratings
London-based Fitch Ratings, a credit rating agency, has issued a new scoring system that shows how environmental, social and governance factors impact individual credit rating decisions, Fitch Ratings announced Monday.

To Build a Sustainable Future, Impact Investing Needs to be Brought into the Forefront
It goes without saying that bringing impact investing to the forefront would provide a new power and push to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

If 2018 Was the Year of ESG Investing, What Will 2019 Bring?
Today, sustainable investment has evolved from negative exclusion to positive inclusion. Now, 90 percent of institutional investors globally believe ESG (environmental, social and governance) integrated portfolios are likely to perform as well or better than non-ESG integrated portfolios, and 72 percent are evaluating ESG factors to make investment decisions.

How Data-Driven Strategies Can Improve Impact Investing Outcomes
Data science is making inroads into the world of impact investing, helping program designers and beneficiaries achieve closer alignment between their goals and strategies.

Finance as a Force for Good
Sustainable investing, previously a niche specialization, has become increasingly commonplace in recent years. Globally, more than a quarter of professionally managed assets are now invested according to ESG principles. In addition, many mainstream financial institutions are publicly committing to sustainable investing as the way forward.

Money Managers Eager to Make Leap to Opportunity Zone Investing
Manager interest in launching funds to invest in U.S. low-income communities designated as qualified opportunity zones is running high but the number of funds launched still is low as firms await greater regulatory clarity.

Millennials Show Increasing Interest in Impact Muni Bond
Millennials have an appetite for a slice of the muni bond market when it comes to investments in affordable housing, education or sustainable energy, something experts say is part of a trend of younger investors increasingly seeking those kinds of investments.

Sustainability Execs Share Strategies for New Era of ESG Disclosure
As we look forward to a greener economy in 2019, we asked members of the GreenBiz Executive Network, our member-based, peer-to-peer learning forum for sustainability professionals, to offer their perspective on the greater alignment of investors and companies to accelerate sustainable capital growth.).

A Year in Review: Nasdaq’s ESG Milestones in 2018
Exchanges play a critical role in creating jobs and economic growth around the world. Given our central place in the financial ecosystem, Nasdaq has both the ability and responsibility to direct capital flows toward more sustainable use.


United States & Europe

The Economy is Finally Coming Through for U.S. Workers
Decent wage gains are showing up in paychecks. That should continue for a while.


Developing Economies

Trade Tops Emerging-Market Bill with Growth Outlook in Balance
There are few if any stories in emerging markets big enough this week to eclipse the U.S.-China trade meetings in Beijing.

Africa: Regional Integration Key to Africa’s Economic Growth
Integration is an important engine for economic growth, sustainable development and improving the living standards of the African people.

India Has a Growing Impact Investing Industry, but can it Scale?
The growth in India’s mobile phone market has helped an unexpected sector — impact investing.

Indonesia Targets 7 Percent Growth in Agroindustry
The Industry Ministry has targeted an increase of 7.1 percent in the agroindustry in 2019, higher than last year’s 6.93 percent, following a surge in domestic demand.

Vietnam Reaps Sixth Straight Record Year in Foreign Investment
Foreign direct investment in Vietnam climbed 9.1% in 2018 to reach $19.1 billion, the government reports, marking a sixth straight annual record as capital keeps flowing into one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economies.

Bolivia to Lead Economic Growth in South America in 2019
Bolivia will lead again 2019 economic growth in South America, with an expansion of 4.3 percent of its GDP.