Weekly Impact Investment Market Update: December 8, 2017

Impact Investing & ESG

The State of Impact Measurement and Management Practice

This report presents findings from the GIIN’s first comprehensive survey of the state of impact measurement and management (IMM) in the impact investing industry.

Can Index Funds Be a Force for Sustainable Capitalism?

There is growing demand from both retail and institutional investors to align their capital with better environmental and social outcomes, and more resources going into index fund or quasi-indexing products.

From Bezos to Walton, Big Investors Back Fund for ‘Flyover’ Start-Ups

On Tuesday, the fund, called Rise of the Rest, will disclose its investors, which has turned into a Who’s Who of American business.

Why Wall Street’s Finally Pushing to Add Women on Boards

The big money on Wall Street is finally throwing its weight behind boardroom diversity.

ESG Funds Boosted by Women and Millennial Investors

Women and millennials are responsible for the doubling of ESG assets to $8.1 trillion worldwide since 2014 — and you can expect that trend to continue.

In the Middle East and North Africa, the 2030 Global Goals are a $600 Billion Opportunity

Businesses focusing on resilient cities, sustainable agriculture and new energy could propel -more than $637 billion in new business activity and 12.4 million jobs in the region by 2030.


United States & Europe

Europe Should Have its Own Economy and Finance Minister, says EC

European commission presents proposals aimed at improving Eurozone democracy and resilience to economic shocks.

France is Now the Testing Ground for Europe’s Labor Policies

Many believe that France’s existing labor market code — some 3,000 pages long — has restrained business in the country.

U.S. Payrolls Rise 228,000 While Wages Gain Less Than Forecast

The U.S. labor market has moved past a couple months of hurricane disruptions and returned to its regularly scheduled programming: solid hiring but tepid wage gains that suggest things aren’t as tight as the unemployment rate suggests.


Developing Economies

What Emerging Market Debt Bubble? Galloway’s Shor Sees No Signs

Galloway Capital Management founder Nathan Shor isn’t seeing signs of a bubble percolating in emerging-market credit.

Where is Latin America Headed?

The recent presidential vote in Chile, along with the Nov. 26 contest in Honduras, signals the beginning of a yearlong electoral cycle in Latin America. By the end of 2018, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Paraguay and perhaps Venezuela will have elected new leaders.

Asia to Stay World’s Fastest Growing Region Through 2030

Asia should remain the world’s economic heavyweight for another 10 years.

Indonesia Economy to Level at 5.1% in 2018

Consumption may recover as other financing sources are explored for its infrastructure projects.

A Borderless Africa? Some Countries Open Doors, Raise Hopes

For years African leaders have toyed with the idea of free movement by citizens across the continent, even raising the possibility of a single African passport.