Weekly Impact Investment Market Update: December 1, 2017

Impact Investing & ESG

Brain Gain: Impact Investing in Latin America’s New Wave of Startups

In Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, tech entrepreneurs tackle challenges of financial inclusion, health care and agriculture.

Why ESG Matters for Bonds

The higher a country’s ESG rating, the better its government bonds perform, MSCI has found.

The Promise of Private Sector Grants in an Impact Investing World

Private sector development grants can help reach people in communities where many investors won’t go.


United States & Europe

Forecasts for U.S. Growth are Too Pessimistic

Those who wait for changes to tax policy to upgrade their estimates for next year are going to end up waiting too long.

Private Banking Disrupts Italy’s Wealth Management Market

As supply and demand models change in Italy’s dynamic wealth management industry, private banking is emerging as a key disruptor.

What the Future of Work Will Mean for Future Jobs, Skills, and Wages

As many as 375 million workers around the world may need to switch occupational categories and learn new skills.


Developing Economies

The Global Economy in 2018

The global economy will confront serious challenges in the months ahead, and looming in the background is a mountain of debt that makes markets nervous – and that thus increases the system’s vulnerability to destabilizing shocks.

Emerging Markets Debt is so Hot, Some Investors Can’t Get Enough

In their hunt for yield, some investors have been venturing into offerings as exotic as Tajikistan’s sovereign bond or Iraq’s first sovereign debt sale.

Distributed Energy is a $40 Billion Industry in Developing Countries, Report Finds

Distributed energy outside the OECD is a $40bn industry, new research has found.

Wall Street’s Bulls Are Rushing to the Land of Gauchos: Argentina

Their return marks a sharp comeback in confidence for one of the world’s worst economies.

Kenya Seeks Proposals for $2 Billion Eurobond Sale

Kenya’s government is seeking proposals from banks about a possible $2 billion Eurobond offering in the first quarter of 2018.

Rwanda Among Top 10 Countries with Good Governance Record

Rwanda has been ranked the best ranked country in eastern Africa for good governance.

Zambia Says ‘Must Have’ $1.3 Billion IMF Loan in Place in 2018

Zambia expects to host a mission of the IMF before the end of the year and hopes to have a $1.3 billion loan deal in place in early 2018.