Weekly Impact Investment Market Update: April 20, 2018

Impact Investing & ESG

The Finance Performance of Impact Investing Through Private Debt

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and Symbiotics present the first comprehensive analysis of the financial performance of private debt impact investment funds.

ESG Ratings Can Help Investors Pick Winning Emerging Markets

Reports from Morningstar and GMO explain why investors and advisors should consider ESG factors when investing in emerging markets.

You Can’t Just Recycle if You Believe in ESG

The more investors pay attention to ESG, the more issuers will have to improve their behavior.

Is ESG on Course to Become the Norm in DC Defaults?

Late last year the UK government said it was “minded” to make pension fund trustees produce environmental, social and governance statements.

Emerging Market Debt Investors Wary of ESG Analysis

Investors in emerging market debt (EMD) are leery of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment analysis because of “common misconceptions,” according to BNY Mellon.

Evan Harvey, Nasdaq: What’s Driving ESG? A Top Ten List

The prevalence and prominence of sustainability as a vital concept in the world – let alone the business community – is now clear. It has been driven by a host of dynamics that are both native to, and external from, business: environmental catastrophe and social crisis, economic disparity, and political dysfunction.

Shareholder Influence on Impact Investing

Investors are increasingly taking an interest in impact investing. What’s the value they see here?

The ESG Data Revolution

Adam Bernstein, ESG Specialist with Gitterman Wealth Management in New York believes “We are experiencing a non-financial, ESG data revolution.”


United States & Europe

Europe’s Depopulation Time Bomb Is Ticking in the Baltics

Young workers keep leaving for the west, while refugees from the Middle East and Africa are shunned. The UN sees a catastrophe lurking.


Developing Economies

IMF Sees Ethiopia Beating Ghana as Fastest-Growing Africa Economy

Ghana has lost its mantle as the African economy likely to grow the quickest this year to Ethiopia, which has held the position for most of the past decade, International Monetary Fund data showed.

India to Make South Asia the Fastest Growing

India’s recovering growth will drive South Asia to the fastest growing region, said World Bank’s biannual South Asia Economic Focus released on Sunday.

Latin America Has Become a Hot Spot for U.S. Deal Makers

U.S. executives named Brazil and Mexico, the two largest economies in Latin America, among their five most popular destinations for deal making, according to a new survey.