So You Think You’re An Impact Investor?

Charly Kleissner is a former tech entrepreneur and early pioneer of impact investing. He and his wife Lisa co-founded the KL Felicitas Foundation to support social entrepreneurs around the world and to bring like-minded investors together to redefine the meaning and purpose of investing in the first place. Kleissner says there is a much higher absorption capacity for impact capital than many realize, and, over the next 2-3 years, he and his wife want to show that there are at least a dozen $500 million impact portfolios making a difference. He strongly believes even the least socially concerned investor knows the benefits of hedging, like towards clean energy, because at some point a collapse in the status quo is inevitable. Unfortunately, in this day and age, social transformation begins with personal transformation. CEOs of multinational companies will need to change their own consciousness and awareness, or else impact investing is not going to get very far.

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