Podcast EP 1- Emerging Markets & The Impact Opportunity

The TriLinc Global Invest with Impact Podcast brings listeners insight and commentary from experts on the front lines of impact investing.

TriLinc Global is a private investment fund sponsor that empowers investors to use their private capital to make positive social impact, without compromising return. TriLinc believes in the power of the capital markets to solve social and environmental challenges. Listen and learn why.

In this Episode:

TriLinc Global Founder and CEO Gloria Nelund and CIO Paul Sanford join us in studio to discuss emerging markets and the impact opportunity. McKinsey estimates by 2025 consumption in emerging markets will reach $30 trillion annually. This represents what we believe to be the largest growth and impact opportunity in the history of capitalism. Listen and learn why Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) hold the potential to create tremendous sustainable social impact.

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