Millennials Will Bring Impact Investing Mainstream

In this Stanford Social Innovation Review, Jed Emerson and Lindsay Norcott talk about the most recent ImpactAssets issue brief on “The Millennial Perspective: Understanding Preferences of the New Asset Owners.”  According to the blog and the report, “Next Gen”the approximately 80 million individuals born in the United States between 1980-2000values, experiences, and preferences are poised to accelerate impact investing, directing billions of dollars towards social benefits. Accenture has estimated that over the next several decades, baby boomers will pass $30 trillion in financial and non-financial assets to their heirs—that’s in North America alone. In another study, Spectrem Group found that 45 percent of wealthy millennials want to use their wealth to help others and consider social responsibility a factor when making investment decisions. The transfer of wealth to this generation presents a compelling opportunity to take impact investing mainstream. 

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