Impact Investing: Making a Difference and a Profit

Several not-for-profit organizations have recently been teaming up with money mangers and investment banks to create and market a new line of products that offer investors the opportunity to engage in impact investing, a form of socially conscious investing. The goal is to invest money in companies, organizations, funds or projects across globe that can influence positive social change, while delivering financial return to investors. In recent years, it has gained momentum and product variety leading to more and more retail investors and millennials getting involved in this ex-wealthy investors’ niche. And, with this growing interest, organizations such as the Rockefeller Foundation and Goldman Sachs have created their own funds aimed at deploying capital toward the physical, social and economic revitalization of disadvantaged communities across the U.S. and the world. The groundwork has been laid for the creation of numerous products to meet the demand of a new generation of socially conscious investors, and, as long as such investments produce competitive social and financial returns, their popularity will only grow from here.

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