How millennials are driving the momentum behind impact investing

In a post on Thomson Reuters Foundation website, Judith Rodin and Margot Brandenburg discuss how Millennials will continue to drive impact investing forward. A generational shift is happening, and it means only good things for those of us who are working to solve global problems. More individuals, many of them Millennials, bring a strong sense of purpose to how they make their money, how they spend it, and how they invest it.

In the next 40 years, generation X and the Millennials could inherit up to $41 trillion from baby boomers.  In a survey by Deloitte of 5,000 Millennials in 18 countries, 71 percent of respondents saw the desire to “improve society” as the top priority of business. Impact investing is at a tipping point, and Millennial investors who are looking to invest with purpose are poised to push it into the mainstream for good.

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