A Small Drop in a Large Bucket

Abigail Noble, head of the Impact Investing Initiative at the World Economic Forum, talks about why impact investing needs to go mainstream. With their Mainstreaming Impact Investing Initiative, the World Economic Forum is looking at the challenges and constraints that mainstream investors, such as pension funds, venture capital and private equity, are facing in getting engaged with impact investing. Noble says “one thing to keep in mind is that there’s a range of returns. Some investors only make a 0-1 percent return. But if you look at impact private equity funds like Leapfrog, they’re making in the 20 and up percentile in returns. One of the things that I find most encouraging is that we looked at the GIIN ImpactBase survey data, and found that over 70 percent of impact investment funds surveyed target an 11 percent rate of return or higher.”

She mentioned the effects on financial markets of environmental shocks like climate change, or destabilizing events like social unrest related to youth unemployment. “When you have more stable political and social situations, it’s a better business climate, and you have more stable financial returns. Impact investing is a very real way to create a more stable and inclusive market economy, and once we start to adapt that mindset, we can see how you can target both social and financial returns and, over the long run, create the world that we want to see.”

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