5 Myths Socially Conscious Enterpreneurs Need to Ignore

Impact investing is a new, holistic approach to business that may well be the most significant movement of our time, as well as the most misunderstood. Five main pervasive myths surround stakeholder capitalism today. The first: impact investing is a fancy term for giving money away, while it is really when purpose and profitability coexist, hand-in-hand. Next is the thought that environmental and social welfare is the government’s responsibility; however, businesses taking a comprehensive approach to growth, unlock unrecognized value and create competitive advantages. Thirdly, some believe corporate sustainability is to improve reputation and anything more hurts shareholders, but, in reality, sustainable companies outperform their unsustainable counter parts. Then, it is said that it’s human nature to prioritize profit over sustainability, while consumers are truly more educated than ever about sustainability and corporate values, and they are voting with their money. Lastly, it is thought stakeholder capitalism is a choice. Contrarily, stakeholder capitalism is vital to an industry’s continued survival. The time has arrived to invest capital into opportunities offering both compelling economic and social/environmental returns, while demonstrating a more conscious approach to how we live and do business.

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