Weekly Impact Investment Market Update: November 22, 2017

Impact Investing & ESG

When It Comes to Investing in the Future, Go with Renewable Energy over Bitcoin

Bitcoin is going gangbusters and getting all the attention, but it’s far easier to understand the dynamics in the energy markets, and they show that renewable energy is not going backward again.

Impact Investing is Being Democratized – and Marginalized Communities are Benefiting

The first comprehensive snapshot of community investing in the United States points to increased diversity and inclusion for startup funding. Foundations and impact investors should pay attention.

Schwab IMPACT: Can ESG be an Advisor’s Niche?

So far, there has been little uptake among advisors or clients for ESG funds.


United States & Europe

Making Manufacturing Great Again Would Add $530 Billion to GDP

A new report suggests investments in today’s manufacturing operations could carry hundreds of billions of dollars in economic payoffs.

Commission Calls for Reforms to Address Wage Stagnation

The European Commission told member states on Wednesday to prioritize policies that support wage growth, in light of the economic pain still suffered by many Europeans.

How to Build on Europe’s Economic Recovery

Economic growth in Europe is picking up, political uncertainty has diminished, and the vision of an “ever-closer” regional union is energizing some new constructive thinking in core countries. Translating this into sustainable prosperity, however, is far from automatic, and these improvements need to be followed by structural changes in four key areas.


Developing Economies

Emerging Markets in Focus: Chile, S. Africa, Hungary, India

A list of emerging markets to keep an eye-out for.

Tanzania: Construction Sector Vital in Industrialization

Local contractors need to observe ethics and professional standards to compete with foreign contractors in major projects.

Ex-Leader Wins First Round of Chile’s Presidential Vote

Former President Sebastián Piñera of Chile, a conservative billionaire, on Sunday won the first round of an election to choose a successor to President Michelle Bachelet.