Creating Impact through Community Engagement and Partnership

Interning at TriLinc Global for the past five months has allowed me to experience working at a company that exemplifies sustainability and impact, both through its work as an investment fund manager as well as through the corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies that are practiced day to day.

As a fund manager, TriLinc recognizes impact and environmental, social and governance (ESG) measurement as vital to our investment process by helping to mitigate risks associated with our investments, in addition to increasing transparency and accountability for our investors. As a member of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), TriLinc utilizes Impact Reporting Investment Standards (IRIS) metrics to track and report on the environmental and social impacts of our investments. TriLinc actively collaborates with other important industry leaders, including B-Corp, UN PRI and thTriLinc 2015 Thanksgiving Picturee Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, in order to refine best practices and contribute to the standardization of impact measurement.

As a B-Corp member, we are evaluated not only on how our work is impactful, but also on how we incorporate and uphold high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency within the workplace. For example, TriLinc’s purchasing policy commits us to conducting business with local, independently-owned vendors with sustainable product and service offerings whenever possible. TriLinc also promotes a culture of giving back to our community by encouraging employees to take paid time off to volunteer with their communities. Our $5 Friday Change for the World jar allows employees to dress casually on Fridays by making a five dollar donation every week, which, at the end of each fiscal year, is donated to a local charity that is selected by TriLinc employees. Every year, TriLinc employees also participate in a back-to-school campaign where we fill backpacks with school supplies for local students as well as a Thanksgiving food drive to support local families in need.

CaptureTriLinc is also deeply committed to its employees’ health. In addition to regular health and wellness updates, each year TriLinc organizes an annual team wellness challenge using the Daily Endorphin, an online service provider that coordinates corporate fitness. During the 8 week-long challenge starting in January, each employee creates an individual profile that enables him/her to track daily nutrition intake, exercise levels and wellness activities. Employees are put on competing teams in order to promote healthier decision-making while also encouraging a positive, competitive spirit across the office.

IMG_6372These are just a few of the initiatives that take place at TriLinc year-round, demonstrating that we value community engagement, sustainability and collaboration across our investments, within our corporate initiatives and through our external engagements with partners. It is truly inspiring to be around a group of people who are eager to change the world and give back to their communities!

By Melissa Tickle, TriLinc Global Impact Intern