Useful Links

Useful Links

Through TriLinc Global’s website visitors may link to other websites for additional resources. TriLinc Global does not monitor third-party sites, and providing links does not imply a recommendation or endorsement of the views expressed or materials provided by third-party sites. TriLinc Global has no control over the nature, content, completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of linked sites, and it is not liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of any reliance placed on them.

    • Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs
      The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) is a global network of organizations that propel entrepreneurship in emerging markets. ANDE members provide critical financial, educational, and business support services to small and growing businesses (SGBs) based on the conviction that SGBs will create jobs, stimulate long-term economic growth, and produce environmental and social benefits.


    • B Corporation
      B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Today, there is a growing community of nearly 1000 Certified B Corps from 32 countries and 60 industries working together toward 1 unifying goal: to redefine success in business.


    • Boundless Impact Investing
      Boundless Impact Investing is the premier market intelligence platform for impact investors. Driven by superior research from independent sector experts, Boundless offers investors in-depth analysis of critical sectors of impact investing, financial diligence on the best investment opportunities, and a private social network to engage experts and share insights with peer investors.


    • Case i3: The CASE Initiative on Impact Investing
      CASE i3’s mission is to establish a rich set of resources and activities for MBA students, entrepreneurs, investors, funders, academics and policymakers to explore and support the field of impact investing over its critical period of development over the next 5-10 years.


    • Emerging Markets Private Equity Association (EMPEA)
      EMPEA is the global industry association for private capital in emerging markets. EMPEA and its members believe that private capital is a highly suited investment strategy in emerging markets, delivering attractive long-term investment returns and promoting the sustainable growth of companies and economies.



    • Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)
      The GIIN is dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing through various initiatives, such as network membership, ImpactBase, IRIS and outreach.



    • Global Learning Exchange
      The Global Learning Exchange for Social Impact Investing (GLE) strives to grow impact investing markets by building a global network for the exchange of ideas, resources and best practice among practitioners across sectors. The GLE engages with policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs, academics, lawyers, and other players, from over 60 countries, striving to drive private capital for public purpose.


    • Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS)
      IRIS is the catalog of generally accepted performance metrics that leading impact investors use to measure social, environmental, and financial success, evaluate deals, and grow the credibility of the impact investing industry.


    • Initiative for Responsible Investment at Harvard University
      The Initiative for Responsible Investment at the Hauser Institute for Civil Society serves as a research center on fundamental issues and theories underlying the ability of financial markets to promote wealth creation across asset classes, while creating a stronger society and a healthier environment.


    • Intentional Endowments Network (IEN)
      IEN is a non-profit, collaborative peer-learning network advancing intentionally designed endowments through a variety of strategies, such as integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in investment decision-making, impact investing, and shareholder engagement.


    • Invest with Values
      Invest with Values is a free educational website that features a directory of over 300 resources and organizations, and a community discussion forum, both focused on aligning money and values through Local Banking, Community Investing, Sustainable & Responsible Investing and Impact Investing.


    • Investment Program Association (IPA)
      IPA was formed in 1985 to provide effective national leadership for the direct investment industry. The IPA supports individual investor access to a variety of asset classes not correlated to the traded markets and historically available only to institutional investors.



    • LGT Venture Philanthropy
      LGT Venture Philanthropy is an impact investor supporting organizations with outstanding social and environmental impact.


    • MIT Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship
      The Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship catalyzes entrepreneurship for broad-based prosperity in low-income countries. The Center was founded on the belief that economic progress and good governance in low-income countries emerge from entrepreneurship and innovations that empower ordinary citizens.


    • Omidyar Network
      Omidyar Network is a philanthropic investment firm dedicated to creating opportunity for people to improve their lives. Omidyar Network provides grants to non-profits and invests in innovative organizations that are advancing economic and social change.


    • Opportunity Collaboration
      Opportunity Collaboration is a global network of leaders dedicated to building sustainable solutions to poverty.



    • Rockefeller Foundation
      The Rockefeller Foundation has committed itself to impact investing field-building through publishing and funding multiple reports about the industry.


    • Social Capital Markets (SOCAP)
      SOCAP is an annual event series that connects leading global innovators – investors, foundations, institutions and social entrepreneurs – to build a market at the intersection of money and meaning.


    • Stanford Social Innovation Review
      Stanford Social Innovation Review is a magazine and website that covers cross-sector solutions to global problems. The impact investing section of the website links viewers to relevant articles, blog posts, podcasts and webinars.


      TBLI GROUP is dedicated to raising awareness and educating financial professionals on the benefits and opportunities of ESG and Impact Investing.



    • World Economic Forum – Mainstreaming Impact Investing Initiative
      The overarching objective of the initiative is to identify the factors required to accelerate the flow of capital to impact investments from traditional and mainstream investors and progress the industry among investors, intermediaries and policy-makers to ensure it reaches its full potential. In September, WEF released the report “From the Margins to the Mainstream – Assessment of the Impact Investment Sector and Opportunities to Engage Mainstream Investors,” followed by the release of “From Ideas to Practice, Pilots to Strategy Practical Solutions and Actionable Insights on How to Do Impact Investing” in November.